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Chengdu Research Base of Giant
If you want to play Chengdu in one day, it is recommended to leave for the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda in the morning. There are lakes, streams, bamboo forests, lawns, etc., and more than 100 giant pandas are raised. In the moon delivery room, you can sometimes see the newborn panda.
Wuhou Temple
After that, you can go to Wuhou Temple, where Wuhou Temple commemorates the Zhuge Liang of the Shu Kingdom of the Three Kingdoms Period. At the beginning of the construction, it was adjacent to the Temple of the Emperor Zhao Lie, who was named Liu Bei, and merged into the Han Zhao Lie Temple in the early Ming Dynasty. Therefore, it has become the only temple dedicated to emperor and minister in China.
In the jin
If you want to eat and stroll, you can go to In the jin. This is the bustling pedestrian street in Chengdu. It has a long history and you can eat, drink, buy and see. You can appreciate the art of making clay figurines and sugar paintings, You can also browse the shops with the characteristics of The Three Kingdoms. In the street also has each kind of sichuan characteristic snack, each kind of teahouse, the cafe, the bar, the inn and so on May take a seat at any time.
Wide Narrow Alley
In the afternoon, you can visit the wide narrow alley. Wide and narrow lanes are the only remaining ancient streets of the qing dynasty in chengdu. They are composed of wide lanes, narrow lanes and well lanes, where you can feel the tradition and fashion of chengdu.

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