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Call for papers
Topics include but are not limited to

Elastoplastic mechanics
Higher fluid mechanics
Higher seepage mechanics
Reservoir numerical simulation
Oilfield chemistry
Principle of recovery
Oil and gas reservoir management
Modern oil and gas exploration technology
Modern oil and gas well engineering
Modern drilling engineering
Natural gas engineering
Higher reservoir engineering
Advanced oil recovery engineering
Higher oil pipeline engineering
Higher gas pipeline engineering
Oil and gas field mining system
Oil and gas pipeline operation simulation
Natural gas liquefaction technology
Higher management foundation
Energy economy
Oil and gas well engineering
Oil and gas field development project
Gas storage and transportation engineering
Oil and gas engineering management
Desert and gobi oilfield open construction engineering technology
Beach sea oilfield surface engineering supporting technology
Tertiary oil injection process and liquid processing technology
High-heavy oil and high-condensation oil hot face technology supporting technology
Oilfield water treatment technology
Equipment technology
Gas field gathering technology
Natural gas purification technology
Chemical separation engineering
Chemical analysis technology
Petroleum refining project
Petrochemical technology
Petroleum processing and refining

Other related topics...

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Submission Deadline: 

May 1, 2021

Registration Deadline: 

May 5, 2021

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